Tuesday, 23 February, 2010

सहजानुभूति मैने पयी है।

स्नेह सदा ही बुरी बला,
है स्नेह सदा ये कहती थी।
फिर भी उसके बन्ध पाश में,
सहजानुभूति मैने पयी है।

दुर्दिन दुर्गति में व्यक्त गिरा
सुख और दुःख की जननी जो।
उअसकी ागों के स्वर में स्वर भर,
सहजानुभूति मैने पयी है।

तनुगर्वी वो शुभ्रधवल
द्वेषदम्भयुक्त सहज चंचल।
अन्तस्तल किन्तु सहज है, जिनसे
सहजानुभूति मैने पयी है।

पीत हरित सरसो की डाली,
ओस पडी कुमुदुनी पंखुडियों सी,
वर्ण अप्रतिम है बस उनसे
सहजानुभूति मैने पयी है।

सहजानुभूति जो एक रंग भर दे,
सहज उमंग रस रंग भर दे,
जीवन की मृत चाह हो जिसको
उसमें जीने की चाहत भर दे।

Tuesday, 16 February, 2010

जीना तो है उसी का जिसने ये राज जाना...

Life is not just waiting for some one 
who is made for you 
but life is living for someone
who leaves because of you !

 you will think that why I greet you in such a way!,

Oye yaar!! this is just a massage which has been sent by some one to teach me what is the actual life means.

I also used to think that लाइफ मे बिन्दास रहने का टेंशन नहीं लेने का, but think one moment for that boy who is suffering from blood cancer since 2003. His family has spent everything to save that boy. That boy is just 12years old. 

I am glad that I tried to save him. He needs A+.His father told me that he is in Mumbai since December 2009, but he got fed up so he has decided to go Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Rohini, New Delhi, Or PGI, Lucknow from Tata Cancer Hospital, Mumbai.
I went there, I was quite unknown for him. I had to face security staff according to rule of Tata Cancer Hospital. Any how, I found him. I met that boy, Who was smiling. that time I remembered 'ANAND'. I happened a little bit emotional but cared myself. 
When I was about to return I told his father -I will meet RAVI when he will be quite fine, but I have silently withdrawn my words when he asked me-'SACH..!!' 

The day after tomorrow they will proceed probably for RGCH